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Replacement Hardware

Replacement Hardware

HannaRV.com is your top resource for all types of RV hardware, including replacement hardware and repair parts for RV doors, RV drapery, RV windows, RV cabinets, RV drawers and RV tables. RV door and compartment locks and keys will wear down over time and require replacement. Replace your lost CH751 key with a new one from Hanna Trailer Supply, and grab a set of spare keys while your thinking of it. Is it getting harder to step up and down through your RV entry door? Why not add a convenient grab handle to the RV exterior for additional support?  Find all your decorative knobs and handles for your RV cabinets and drawers, including drawer slides and cabinet door struts.  Replace a broken RV window crank or knob, and accessorize your RV interior with the help of new drapery accessories. We feature top of the line JR Products RV replacement hardware to help keep all your RV mechanisms in good working order.

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RV Cabinet Latch w/Strikes

RV Cabinet Hardware T-handle Positive Latch With Strikes For RV Cabinet Door

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JR Products RV Hardware For Interior, Exterior RV Doors, Cabinets, Tables, Windows And More!

RV Cabinet Hardware: When looking for quality RV cabinet hardware, Hanna Trailer Supply carries a full line of JR Products replacement parts for your RV's overhead cabinets, under-counter cabinets and bathroom vanity cabinets. Whether you are an experienced cabinet maker or refurbisher, or if you are a do it yourself repairman, it is important to become familiar with each type of RV cabinet part and how it looks and functions. 

RV cabinet knobs or handles attach to the outside of the cabinet door and are usually secured to the cabinet with one or two holding screws.  When searching for a replacement knob or handle, one should consider trying to match the style of the replacement to the style of the other knobs or handles on other cabinets in the RV. For some, they would be happy finding a knob that closely resembles what they have, while others may consider changing all the RV cabinet knobs with new ones so they all match. 

The next RV cabinet part that often requires replacement would be the RV cabinet catches.  These catches secure the cabinet door closed when not in use.  It is important to identify the correct catch and make sure it is the correct length to replace your broken catch.  RV cabinet catches come in several styles that differ in their function, from magnetic catch to barrel catch, and also concealed, roller and positive catches.  Barrel catches are the most common and consist of two round barrel shaped pieces with a metal part that snaps into place.  Magnetic catches utilize the magnetic bond between the magnet and a metal piece to hold the door closed.  Roller catches are easy to identify by their rollers.  Concealed catches come in a variety of sizes and are bulkier than the other types of catches. If your RV cabinet catch does not match any of these described, then you likely have a positive catch.  

JR Products RV cabinet hinges come in satin nickel, brass or antique brass finishes. The hinge secures the door to the cabinet frame and enables the swinging action of the door to open and close.  It is important to also match the hinge size to the size of the old hinge for proper functioning.

RV cabinet door latches come in two basic types: universal bolt latch or Shur-Latch.  Both are easily operated with the pull of a finger and will secure the cabinet door closed when traveling or not in use.  JR Products features bolt latches in satin nickel or brass finish and all latches include mounting screws in the package.

For the strongest support for load bearing cabinet doors that open in the up position, particularly on overhead cabinets, those cabinet doors are usually supported by an RV cabinet strut.  The struts are cylindrical and mount on one end to the cabinet door and the other end on the cabinet frame. The extended length and compressed length of the strut will need to be measured in order to find a suitable replacement.   After you remove the spring from it's mounting brackets, measure the extended length from center mounting hole to center mounting hole.  Then measure the amount of the piston that is exposed while extended.  This is called the stroke of the gas spring.  Subtract the stroke length from the extended length to determine the compressed length. Then find the part number for the correct strut by finding the extended length and corresponding compressed length of the gas spring on the following chart.

JR Products Black Nitride Shaft Gas Springs Product Specifications Chart

JR Products Part # Extended Length (inches) Compressed Length (inches) Stroke (inches) Rod Diameter (mm) Tube Diameter (mm) Force (lbs.)* Type of End
GSNI-2200-90 17 10.41 6.59 8 18 90 Plastic Socket
GSNI-2300-80 20 11.41 8.59 8 18 80 Plastic Socket
GSNI-2300-90 20 11.41 8.59 8 18 90 Plastic Socket
GSNI-2300-100 20 11.41 8.59 8 18 100 Plastic Socket
GSNI-2300-120 20 11.41 8.59 8 18 120 Plastic Socket
GSNI-2300-150 20 11.41 8.59 8 18 150 Plastic Socket
GSNI-2600-100 26.3 15.3 11.00 8 18 100 Plastic Socket
GSNI-4032-28 17 10.00 7.00 6 8 28 Plastic Socket
GSNI-4033-30 18 11.50 6.50 6 8 30 Plastic Socket
GSNI-4688-40 14 8.40 5.60 6 15 40 Plastic Socket
GSNI-4900-15 7.50 5.25 2.25 6 15 15 Plastic Socket
GSNI-4900-40 7.50 5.25 2.25 6 15 40 Plastic Socket
GSNI-4900-60 7.50 5.25 2.25 6 15 60 Plastic Socket
GSNI-4983-35 12 8.00 4.00 6 8 35 Plastic Socket
GSNI-4991-60 16 8.50 6.50 6 8 60 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5000-20 10 6.41 3.59 6 15 20 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5000-60 10 6.41 3.59 6 15 60 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5100-30 12 7.91 4.09 6 15 30 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5100-40 12 7.91 4.09 6 15 40 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5150-20 15 8.91 6.09 6 15 20 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5150-40 15 8.91 6.09 6 15 40 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5150-60 15 8.91 6.09 6 15 60 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5200-30 17 9.66 7.34 6 15 30 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5200-40 17 9.66 7.34 6 15 40 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5200-50 17 9.66 7.34 6 15 50 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5200-60 17 9.66 7.34 6 15 60 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5200-75 17 9.66 7.34 6 15 75 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5300-10 20 11.41 8.59 6 15 10 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5300-20 20 11.41 8.59 6 15 20 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5300-30 20 11.41 8.59 6 15 30 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5300-40 20 11.41 8.59 6 15 40 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5300-50 20 11.41 8.59 6 15 50 Plastic Socket
GSNI-5300-60 20 11.41 8.59 6 15 60 Plastic Socket
GSNI-6624 14 8.03 5.97 6 15 24 Plastic Socket
GSNI-6642 14.5 8.91 5.59 6 15 35 Plastic Socket
GSNI-6687 26.32 15.82 10.50 8 18 74 Plastic Socket
GSNI-7145 26.32 15.82 10.50 8 18 150 Plastic Socket
GSNI-7901 20 11.30 8.70 6 15 60 Blade
GSNI-7903 20 11.42 8.58 8 18 110 Blade

* To determine the force of your current spring, look for the stamped label on your spring and read that number. The last two digits of that number or the two digits followed by the letter N within that number stands for the number of newtons of force the strut is rated for. To convert the number of newtons to the number of pounds of force, multiply the number of newtons by 4.4482.

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