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Fresh Water Systems

SHURflo 94-009-50 Waterguard™ Premium Replacement
REG. $83.95
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SHURflo Everpure Replacement Filter For Everpure Systems | EV959206
REG. $95.95
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SHURflo 255-323 RV Marine Twist-On Water Strainer
REG. $21.95
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SHURflo 255-313 RV Marine Twist-On Water Strainer
REG. $21.99
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FRE-10-GN Combo Pack
REG. $119.99
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B& B Molders 94228 Hot Water Tank Diverter Valve
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B& B Molders 94227 Fresh water Fill Diverter Valve
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SpiroPure SP-RV100  Multi-Stage RV/Marine Inline Water Filter
REG. $47.99
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SpiroPure SP-RV100  Multi-Stage RV/Marine Inline Water Filter-2Pack
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Zebra RV Accessories Delta Six Dual Flow Water Pump With Check Valve
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Pro Water Parts FRE-10F Water Filter Replacement Fits CCI-10-CA
REG. $59.99
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Pro Water Parts FRE-10-GN Standard 10 inch Water Filter Replacement
REG. $33.99
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Pro Water Parts FRE-10-BN Standard 10in Water Filter
REG. $35.99
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REG. $76.99
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PWP Heavy Duty 10in Water Filter Canister & One FRE-10-GN
REG. $79.99
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RV Fresh Water Systems

There are many important aspects of your RV fresh water system. They include your RV fresh water tank, the water pump, a water filter or filters, a possible water softener, drinking water and fresh water hoses and lastly fresh water chemicals used to treat and clean your fresh water tanks. Each piece plays a crucial role in making sure that compete RV experience is enjoyable and safe for you and your family.



A High Quality RV Water Filter Is A Necessity - HannaRV.com has the Best RV Water Filters

Depending on where you are traveling with your RV, the quality of your water supply can vary drastically. That is why it is so incredibly important to purchase a high quality rv water filter. Here are your different options for obtaining cleaning water to drink, cook and bath with:

  • You can boil the water. You can boil all the water you use for cooking, washing, etc., but it is not very practical.
  • You can use bottled water. You can bring bottled water with you for drinking and cooking, but again, that can be a real hassle and it gets very expensive very quickly.
  • You can install a quality Point of Use (POU) water filter. You can install one of these under your galley sink for drinking and washing dishes.
  • Install an in-line external water filter that will filter all the water in your coach before it reaches your faucets. This is the option many RV enthusiasts choose because it solves the problem before it reaches your sinks, faucets and glasses.

No matter which rv water filtration system you choose, please make sure to also filter you water from the source hose. You can purchase an inexpensive hose filter that fits over the nozzle of your hose and tank to help filter impurities from the water source. Many city water hookups and rv campground sites do not have the greatest or cleanest water supply, but a quality rv water filter will help give you peace of mind and great tasting water every time that you turn on your faucet.


Determining Your RV Water Filter Needs

To get the water filtration system that meets your requirements, you must first determine what those requirements are. How much of the water that you use in your RV is going to be filtered? How clean do you want your water to be? How often are you actually using your RV? These are some of the questions that need to be answered in order to help select the best rv water filter for your particular needs. Let’s look at each of these questions in more detail.


How Much Water Do I Need To Filter and How Clean Do I Want My Water To Be?

There are truly only two options for this particular question. You are either going to filter all of your incoming water supply or just part of it. If your water source is dirty or if it has a strong odor, then you are most likely going to want to use sediment and taste-and-odor filters for all of the water that you use. This is a very popular option when purchasing rv water filters. If you search the online forums regarding this topic, you will come across people advising others to avoid using carbon water filtration systems for the whole RV. They believe that by removing the chlorine that is commonly found in city water supplies that this will result in possible stagnation of their freshwater supply. This is simply not true and can be avoided with simple and routine sanitization of the freshwater tank. Depending on how often you use your RV, you will need to sanitize your fresh water tanks at different time intervals. If you do not enjoy the smell and taste that can come from various different water sources then we definitely recommend using a carbon based filter. It is easiest and both time and cost effective to choose the portable filtration systems that are available on our website versus doing a whole vehicle water filtration system installation.

If the water supply that you use is normally of higher quality or if you are just concerned with the water supply that you use to cook with and drink, portable filters are the ideal solution for your rv water filter needs. Please keep in mind that all of these different options can also be used in varying combinations depending on your individual tastes, preferences and budget.

Filtering All of the Water Used in the RV

If you decide that you would just like to keep your rv water filter needs simple and you would like to filter all of the water coming into your RV or Trailer then you will want to use an in-line rv water filter unit. These are the smallest and easiest to use filters for this type of job. They remove both sediment and help improve the taste and odor of the water in an efficient and compact package. However, due to their small size, this means that they also have a relatively short life span and limited flow rate.

Nonetheless, if you are not using your RV, Camper or Trailer that often, then the in-line rv water filters are probably the best way to go for your rv water filter needs. If you want better water flow, a longer filter life span and more options in customizing your water filtration system, then we recommend that you install a standard sized canister rv water filter system. These system can be installed and setup with a single, dual or even triple canister series for specialty purposes. What is nice about this option is that the canisters are a standard size and there is a wide variety of filter cartridges that are available for each of them. Let's consider the choices and see what works best for each system.

In a single canister system, the filter cartridge you select needs to perform all the functions you require, such as sediment removal and taste and odor improvement. You will want to use a sediment only cartridge or combination cartridge for this purpose.

If you go with a dual canister system, each canister can contain a cartridge specifically dedicated to achieving a specific task. This is what we recommend and it is definitely our most popular filtration system. The first rv water filter canister should contain a sediment cartridge and the second rv water filter canister should contain a carbon cartridge. There are many rv water filter cartridges available and they are listed below in our product listings. Simply click on the product image to view more specific details on that individual rv water filter.

You can add additional protection and functionality to your rv water filter system by adding a third canister. The first two rv water filter canisters would house the same type of rv water filter cartridges and the third rv water filter canister would contain the specialty rv water filter cartridge such as a Birm or phosphate cartridge.


Filtering Only the Drinking Water Supply

If your only concern is filtering your drinking water, you have several possible options. Your first option is an under-the-sink model that has a special spigot for the filtered water. You can also purchase a countertop model rv water filter that sits on top of your counter and connects to the faucet. Since drinking water usually represents a much smaller portion of the total water being used, a rv water filter system for drinking water is smaller than a whole-rig system. This also means that you will use cartridges that have a much lower water flow through rate.

Many RV manufacturers install drinking rv water filters and they are typically one of two different styles. The first style is an in-line filter installed under the sink, and most are either a Flo-pur, Aqua City, Hydro Life or Shurflo brand. These are fine filters and we sell direct replacements for these units. Our replacements are even made in the same factory as most of the originals.

The other style of filter installed by some coach manufacturers is a one-cartridge, under-the-sink system in which a rv water filter cartridge screws into a metal filter head. The manufacturer of this product is Everpure. The cartridge removes sediment including cysts and granular carbon and also greatly helps to improve taste and odor of the drinking water supply.

For a wider variety of filtration capabilities, a canister system can be installed under your sink to filter your drinking water. In addition to the standard 10-inch tall canisters listed above, you can also use 5-inch tall canisters to save space. Due to space constraints under the sink, we recommend a single-canister system with a solid block carbon cartridge for this purpose.


Camco TastePURE RV / Marine Water Filter Comparison Chart



Camco 40645 TastePure Carbon RV Water Filter Replacement Cartridge


Camco 40043 TastePURE RV Water Filter with Flexible Hose Protector

Camco 40651 CX90 RV Ceramic Water Filter

Camco 40651 CX90 RV / Marine Ceramic Water Filter


Camco 40631 EVO Premium RV Water Filter With Housing

Features / Specs
  • 150 Micron Barrier
  • Full size short-term us filter
  • Carbon media
  • Disposable
  • 100 Micron Barrier
  • High-flow carbon filter with KDF to help prevent bacteria growth
  • Disposable
  • Includes anti-kink connector
  • 0.9 Micron Barrier
  • Cartridge is cleanable and replaceable
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate housing
  • Patented
  • 5.0 Micron Barrier
  • High-flow carbon filter with KDF to help prevent bacteria growth
  • Cartridge is replaceable
  • Includes hose extension
Filter Media Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and KDF mixture

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and KDF with a cermic barrier

Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) and KDF with a Spun Polypropylene barrier

Recommended Usage 120 Days One Camping Season Up to one year - Cartridge is renewable One camping season
Micron Rating 150 100 0.9 5.0
Installation Point-of-entry - Exterior Point-of-entry - Exterior Point-of-entry - Exterior Point-of-entry - Exterior
Helps Protect Against >>        
Aluminum x x x x
Bacteria   x x x
Bad Taste  x x x x
Cadmium    x x x
Chlorine  x  x x x
Cryptosporidium     x  
Cysts     x  
Fungus    x x x
Giardia    x x  
Heavy Metals  x  x x x
Hydrogen Sulfide  x  x x x
Iron  x  x x x
Lead  x  x x x
Mercury  x  x x x
Mold  x  x x x
Odor  x  x x x
Turbidity (cloudiness)  x  x x x
Sediment  x  x x x

Be Sure To Invest In A Quality RV Fresh Water Pump

You can always install a cheap low quality water pump in your rv but like all things in life, you get what you pay for. Here are a few tips regarding cheap water pumps:

  • A cheap pump can be noisy, which is just plain irritating when you have to run water early in the morning or late at night.
  • Some cheap water pumps don't regulate the flow of water evenly, so you'll have stops, starts, and a generally uneven flow of water in your plumbing system.
  • Some pumps don't maintain the water temperature. You'll experience temperature swings, which can be irritating when you're taking a shower or doing the dishes.
  • If you've ever had hammering or rattling in your water lines, you'll know why a cheap RV water pump just won't handle some water flow or pressure issues.

A more expensive RV water pump comes with several features that have variable speeds to automatically regulate the flow of water. Make sure that the water pump includes thermal protection so the water does not get too hot or cold. It should also maintain an even flow to avoid hammering in the system. A cheap RV water pump may pump water, but the best RV water pump will pump it with far less irritation and annoyance.

How To Install A SHURflo RV Fresh Water Pump



RV Fresh Water Tank

Most RV’s come with an rv fresh water tank. We carry a variety of rv water tanks in all different sizes that will accommodate your coach and your particular needs. There is also what is called an accumulator tank that sits between your rv plumbing system and the water tank. This accumulator tank is important because it helps smooth out water flow and it greatly reduces the wear and tear on the rv water pump. These are typically small in size and very easy to install. Not only do they help keep your water flowing smoothly but they also help to maintain an even temperature in your rv fresh water system.

Barker Jiffy RV fresh water replacement tank kits come in 3 easy to install sizes. Jiffy water tanks by Barker Manufacturing come in 15 gallon, 20 gallon & 26 gallon sizes. These rv fresh water tanks are molded from tough, durable, FDA approved, food grade polyethylene. These rv fresh water tanks are tasteless and odorless. These water tanks cannot rust, corrode or oxidize. They have a 3/8 inch FPT with 1-1/4 inch slip fitting. These come packaged one per carton and all of the connections are included with the kit.

Rocket Extruded ABS Plastic Water Tanks by Valterra are Light-weight and completely algae-free black ABS plastic. These rv fresh water tanks from Valterra meet strict FDA specifications and will never rust or corrode. Their one-piece extruded design eliminates the possibility of leakage from the water tank.

Here are all of our RV Fresh Water Tanks that we have available for purchase:


RV Water Softeners

Like we had mentioned previously, the freshness and quality of your water supply can never be guaranteed when you are traveling around the country. Because of this, we highly recommend that you install an RV water softener in your coach. They work just like your home water softener except that the RV versions are much smaller. Many of these units are portable while others can be permanently installed in your RV.
Installing an rv water softener has many benefits. Hard water often contains much more calcium and magnesium salts that will build up in your plumbing and water fixtures. These create ugly and unsightly hard water deposits in your sinks and faucets. Hard water also makes your soap and detergent much less effective so you will have to use more soap for doing dishes, laundry and when you are taking showers. Installing an rv water softener helps extend the life or your fresh water system parts as well as improving the overall quality of your RV experience.


RV Water Hoses – Fresh Water Hoses

When you are talking about your fresh water supply it all boils down to your fresh water source. You can have the cleanest water supply in the world but if you are bringing it into your RV with the wrong hose that isn’t designed to carry drinking water, then you are defeating the whole purpose of having a fresh water system in your coach. Regular garden hoses just won’t cut it as they have chemicals in the hoses that can be toxic to you and your family’s health. That is why we carry a variety of different fresh water hoses and drinking water hoses that are designed from the ground up with safety in mind.

Fresh Water Chemicals

In order to maintain the quality and safety of the water that you are bringing into your RV, you will need to make sure that you are adding the proper rv fresh water treatments to your fresh water tank. Its is extremely important that you sanitize your rv water tank properly. After your rv, camper or trailer has been sitting for an extended period of time, it is vitally important to clean out the holding tank and fresh water system lines. We have a few different options from Camco, Thetford and Valterra that all do an excellent job of getting your fresh water system ready to go for your next RV adventure!

RV Fresh Water System


Hydro Life RV Water Filter Chart By RV Manufacturer

Make / Model Hydro Life RV Water Filter Model 1 Hydro Life RV Water Filter Model 2 RV Fresh Water Pump Model
Aerostar HL170TF (Thru 02) HL170QC (03 – present)  
Aerolite Cub HL170TF (Thru 02) HL170QC (03 – present)  
Aerolite Seven HL170TF (Thru 02) HL170QC (03 – present)  
Aerolite Eight HL170TF (Thru 02) HL170QC (03 – present)  
All models Everpure    
Alfa Leisure:      
All models C2063    
Summit Ridge HL170QC (Thru: 07)    
SRX HL170QC (Thru: 07)    
Toy Hauler HL170QC (Thru: 07)    
Wrangler HL170QC    
Auto Mate:      
All Models HL170QC    
Cameo HL170QC (98 – 00) Everpure (01 – 07)  
Carri-Lite HL170QC (98 – 00) Everpure (01 – 07)  
Carriage HL170QC (98 – 00) Everpure (01 – 07)  
Royals International HL170QC (98 – 00) Everpure (01 – 07)  
Adrenaline HL170TF    
Aurora HL170TF (Thru-06) C2063 (07– present)  
Aurora Gold HL170TF (Thru-06) C2063 (07– present)  
Epic HL170TF    
Concord HL170TF    
Leprechaun HL170TF (Thru-06) C2063 (07– present)  
Catalina Sport HL170TF    
Santara HL170TF    
Catalina HL170TF    
Cascade HL170TF    
Spirit of America HL170TF    
Chaparrel HL170TF    
Somerset HL170TF    
Freelander HL200 C2063 (07 - Present)  
Mirada HL200 C2063 (07 - Present)  
Pathfinder HL200 C2063 (08 - Present)  
Country Coach:      
Allure HL200 C2063 (Thru 07)  
Inspire HL200 C2063 (Thru 07)  
Magna HL200 C2063 (Thru 07)  
Affinity HL200 C2063 (Thru 07)  
Lexa HL200 C2063 (Thru 07)  
Prevost Conv. HLRV100 Hi Flow    
Tribute 260 HL100 C2032 (Thu 07)  
Inspire 360 HL100 C2032 (Thu 07)  
Cruiser RV:      
All Models HL100 (Thru summer 07) HL170TF (Summer 07 -2011)  
Intruder HL170TF (Thru 01)    
Ultrasport HL170TF (Thru 01)    
Escaper HL170TF (Thru 01)    
All Models C2063 *upgrade from OE    
Aerostar HL170TF (Thru 02) HL170QC (03 – 09)  
Aerolite Cub HL170TF (Thru 02) HL170QC (03 – 09)  
Aerolite Seven HL170TF (Thru 02) HL170QC (03 – 09)  
Aerolite Eight HL170TF (Thru 02) HL170QC (03 – 09)  
Kodiak HL170QC    
Tundra HL170QC    
Grand Junction HL200 (C2063)    
Monte Vista HL200 (C2063)    
Lite HL170QC    
Classic HL170QC    
SRV HL170QC    
Colorado HL170QC    
Adirondack HL170QC    
Wild Thing HL170QC    
Starflyte HL170TF    
Grand Sport HL170TF / HL200 (C2063)    
Dyna Sport HL170TF    
Isata HL170TF    
Dyna Quest HL170TF    
Eclipse / Attitude:      
All Models HL170TF    
Euro Liner:      
All Models HL170QC    
All Models HL170QC (92 - 00)    
All Models HL170PP (01 - 03)    
All Models C2063 (04 - Present)    
Forest River:      
Wildcat HL170QC (99 - 99)    
Wildwood HL170QC (99 - 99)    
Sierra HL170QC (99 - 99)    
Cedar Creek HL170QC (99 - 99)    
Most Models C2471 (00 - Present)    
General Coach:      
Citation HL170QC    
Corsair HL170QC    
Georgie Boy:      
Velocity HL170TF    
Pursuit HL170TF    
Landau HL170TF    
Cruise Master HL170TF    
Suite HL170TF    
Cruise Air HL170TF    
Cruise Air XL HL170TF    
Bellagio HL170TF    
Great West Vans:      
Classic HL150QC    
Classic Supreme HL150QC    
Gulf Stream:      
Mako HL170QC    
Prairie Schooner HL170QC    
Canyon Trail HL170QC    
Sea Hawk HL170QC    
Yellow Stone HL170QC    
G Force HL170QC    
Innsbruck HL170TF    
Amerilite HL170TF    
Conquest HL170TF    
Streamlite HL170TF    
Holiday Rambler:      
Alumiscape HL170TF    
Alumilite HL170TF    
All Models HL170QC / HL200 (C2063)    
All Models HL170QC    
All Models HL170TF    
Challenger HL170TF    
Laredo HL170TF    
Hornet HL170TF    
Everest HL170TF    
Residence HL170TF    
Retreat HL170TF    
King Of Road:      
Royalite HL170QC (Thru 04) C2471 (05 – 07)  
Crown Marquis HL170QC (Thru 04) C2471 (05 – 07)  
All Models HL170TF    
Sportsmen HL150TF (Thru 07)    
New Vision HL150TF (Thru 07)    
New Vision Ultra HL150TF (Thru 07)    
JAG HL150TF (Thru 07)    
Escalade HL150TF (Thru 08/2006) HL170TF (After 08/06)  
Escalade Sportster HL150TF (Thru 08/2006) HL170TF (After 08/06)  
Montego Bay HL170TF    
Montego Bay Sportster HL170TF    
Leisure Vans:      
All Models HL150TF    
Marathon Coach:      
All Models HL170TF    
McKenzie Towables:      
Various Models HL170TF    
Various Models HL170TF / C2063 Everpure  
National RV:      
Seabreeze HL170QC (Thru 97) HL170TF (97-99)  
Dolphin LX HL170QC (Thru 97) HL170TF (97-99)  
Dolphin HL170QC (Thru 97) HL170TF (97-99)  
Seabreeze LX HL170QC (Thru 97) HL170TF (97-99)  


HL170QC (Thru 97) HL170TF (97-99)  


HL170QC (Thru 97) HL170TF (97-99)  
Tropi-cal HL170QC (Thru 97) HL170TF (97-99)  
America Star HL170TF    
Cypress (C2471)    
Dutch Star HL170TF    
Essex HL170TF    
Kountry Aire HL170TF    
Kountry Star HL170TF    
Scottsdale HL170TF    
Mountain Aire HL170TF    
Kountry Star Class A C2063 (Thru 01) C2471 (02-present)  
Mountain Aire Class A C2063 (Thru 01) C2471 (02-present)  
Nexus RV:      
All Models C2063    
Hitchhiker HL170TF (Thru 07)    
Snowbird HL170TF (Thru 07)    
All Models C2063 (Thru 01)    
Palm Aire:      
All Models HL170TF    
Peterson Ind:      
Excel Classic HL170QC (Thru 04)    
Excel Limited HL170QC (Thru 04)    
Roseair HL170QC (Thru: 06)    
Rexair HL170QC (Thru: 06)    
Aerbus HL170QC (Thru: 06)    
American Clipper HL170QC (Thru: 06)    
Vision HL170QC (Thru: 06)    
Oasis HL170TF    
Oasis Flite HL170TF    
Sporting Edition HL170TF    



All Models


Show Hauler Truck Conversions:

All Models HL170TF    
All Models HL170TF (Thru 03) / HL170PP (04) HL170TF (05)  
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