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Salter Parts and Accessories

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Buyers 3018919 SaltDogg Stainless Steel Bearing - 1" Pillow Block
REG. $40.99
Sale! - $36.99
You Save $4.00 (9.8%)
Free Shipping
Buyers 3024738 SaltDogg Wire Harness Auger Connection Repair Kit
REG. $94.99
Sale! - $84.99
You Save $10.00 (10.5%)
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Buyers 3014857 SaltDogg Drive/Coast Wheel for Walk Behind Spreaders
REG. $49.99
Sale! - $41.99
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Free Shipping
REG. $349.99
Sale! - $299.99
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REG. $40.95
Sale! - $34.99
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Buyers 3014441 SaltDogg TGS Salt Spreader 12 Volt .5 Horsepower Motor
REG. $284.99
Sale! - $242.99
You Save $42.00 (14.7%)
Free Shipping
Buyers 3007809 SaltDogg TGSUV1B Tailgate Salt Spreader Spinner Hub
REG. $11.95
Sale! - $9.99
You Save $1.96 (16.4%)
Free Shipping
Buyers 1420101 SaltDogg 3/4-Inch Pillow Block Bearing with Tap Base - Fits SaltDogg SCH Series Salt
REG. $31.99
Sale! - $27.99
You Save $4.00 (12.5%)
Free Shipping
Buyers 3022215 SaltDogg SHPE Series Remote Grease Kit
REG. $44.95
Sale! - $38.99
You Save $5.96 (13.3%)
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Buyers 3014462 SaltDogg Replacement Rocker Switch for 3006620
REG. $17.95
Sale! - $14.99
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REG. $39.95
Sale! - $35.99
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REG. $26.95
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REG. $17.95
Sale! - $15.99
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Buyers 3005705 SaltDogg TGSUV1 Series Salt Spreader Polyurethane Spinner Disk - 9 Inch
REG. $40.95
Sale! - $30.99
You Save $9.96 (24.3%)
Free Shipping
Buyers 3007416 SaltDogg SHPE Spreader 12V DC Vibrator
REG. $189.99
Sale! - $159.99
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Free Shipping
REG. $16.95
Sale! - $14.99
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REG. $104.99
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REG. $27.99
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Salter Parts and Accessories

Hanna Trailer Supply offers a complete line of quality salter and spreader parts to keep your equipment operable in the toughest winter storms.  While our salter parts supply focuses on popular brands like SaltDogg, Boss, Fisher, Meyer, Sno-Way, SnowEx and Western salt spreaders, we provide repair parts and accessories for a wide range of salter models. 

Hanna Trailer Supply offers every type of snow plow and salt spreader maintenance and replacement parts to keep your snow and ice removal equipment performing optimally.  From quality SaltDogg 12-volt motor replacement kits, to SnowEx universal salt spreader vibrator kits, to SaltDogg linkages and harnesses, replacement chains, augers, spinners and more, Hanna Trailer Supply’s broad inventory covers any salter part replacement with a variety of brand name options. 

If you can’t find the specific snow plow or salt spreader part you need, Hanna Trailer Supply can place a special part order and have it shipped anywhere in the United States. 

With great accessories like our light bar kits, back-up cameras and more, Hanna Trailer Supply carries the best equipment to outfit your truck or SUV and make your residential or commercial snow and ice removal jobs more safe and efficient. Prepare your salter  for the winter with quality parts from Hanna Trailer Supply. Call Hanna Trailer Supply at 414-762-7950 to speak to a snow plow and salter specialist about repair parts for your snow removal equipment.

If your salter is a little older and in need of replacement parts, shop the best selection of salt spreader parts in the Midwest.  We offer free and fast shipping on our entire inventory of salter parts and accessories.  When the big snows hit Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, the Dakotas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, the Mountain West, New York or the Mid Atlantic states, HannaRV.com is your one stop shop for your salter parts purchase.

In addition to plow parts and accessories, we also provide salter parts and accessories and well as new SnowDogg snowplow and SaltDogg salter sales, installation and service.  If you are in the greater Milwaukee or Chicagoland area, stop by for a visit to our Hanna Trailer Supply showroom.  We stand ready to serve you.  Happy snowplowing! 

Plow And Salter Repair And Replacement Parts Accessories

Salt Spreader Motors: When you’re looking for top quality replacement motors for your salt spreader, you can count on Hanna Trailer Supply to deliver the necessary aftermarket salter motors from Buyers Products Company.  We carry gear motors, auger motors, spinner motors and universal salter motors to fit many brand name salt spreaders.  Shop salter electric motors, adapters and mounting brackets, now available with FREE Shipping from HannaRV.com.

Salter Parts And Accessories - Motors

Western Salt Spreader Motor Fix And Cold Start Video

Salter Controllers: Buyers Products Company supplies our inventory of hand controllers and related salter repair parts. You can find anything from the controllers themselves, to spreader valves, replacement throttle control, rocker switches, control boxes, mounting hardware and more.  Buyers aftermarket salter repair parts will operate the most popular salter brands like Snow-Ex and SaltDogg.

Salter Parts And Accessories - Controllers

Salter Electrical Parts: From lights to wiring, to battery cables and wiring harnesses, HannaRV.com has a wide selection of snow and ice removal equipment electrical parts and truck accessories.  Shop the latest flood lights, light bars and strobes which provide a valuable service to let the public know to watch out for your vehicle when you are actively engaged in snow removal operations.  Properly install your new gear with adjustable mounting brackets.  Find a replacement for your blown fuse or circuit breaker online, and have it shipped to your home or business for FREE!  Tailgate and truck bed salt spreaders may require replacement switch panels or switch boxes from time to time. Repair kit connectors and cables with various pin-count pigtails are also available for purchase online. Keep your salter and sprayer systems operating smoothly with the best electrical parts on the market from Buyers Products Company.

Salter Parts And Accessories - Lights And Electrical

Salter Augers And Spinners: Without a fully functional auger and spinner, your salter can become completely inoperable.  HannaRV.com offers auger and spinner replacement assemblies, bearings, bushings, chains, gear boxes, auger sleeves, spinner shafts and other salt spreader hardware.  Polyurethane spinner discs and weldments come in 18-inch and 20-inch universal fitting sizes for any brand of salter, whether it is a Boss, Meyer, Fisher, SaltDogg, Sno-Way, Snow-Ex or Western salter.

Salter Parts And Accessories - Auger And Spinner Hardware

Snow Ex Pivot Pro 1075X Spinner Replacement Video

Having trouble diagnosing your salt spreader mechanical problems? If you are in the greater Milwaukee or Chicagoland area, Hanna Trailer Supply is just a short drive away.  Call our snowplow and salter service center at (414) 762-7950 and schedule an appointment during regular business hours, Monday Through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.

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