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Plows and Salters on Sale !!!!

Plows: MD75-II, HD75-II, HD80-II, VXF85-II

Salters: SHPE1500, SHPE2000


All Products/Snow Plow and Salter Sales in Oak Creek, WI

Snow Plow and Salter Sales in Oak Creek, WI

Snow Plow and Salter Sales in Oak Creek, WI

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Hanna Trailer Supply is the leader in SnowDogg snow plow and SaltDogg salt spreader sales in the Southeastern Wisconsin Greater Milwaukee Area through Northern Illinois and Chicagoland.  Our expert sales team knows the right snowplow solution for any size snow removal operation. We specialize in stainless steel straight blade and v-plow options from SnowDogg, and carry a broad line of snowplow repair parts for the leading snow plow and salter brand names, including Boss, Fisher, Blizzard, Sno-Way, Snow-Ex, Snow Dogg, Western, and more. Whether you’re a contractor in need of a plow to clear twenty commercial parking lots a day or a retiree needing a heavy duty walk-behind sidewalk salter, Hanna Trailer Supply carries a wide variety of quality snow plows and salters for either residential or commercial use.

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SnowDogg Straight Blade Plows For Sale

Straight Blade Plows

When choosing a quality snowplow, the expert sales staff at Hanna Trailer Supply is ready to help you match the right plow to your vehicle.  SnowDogg Straight Blade Stainless Steel Snow Plows set the bar for snow removal performance and durability.  This line of SnowDogg plows offers several options for contractor grade snow removal for business or residential areas of different sizes, whether you choose to mount your plow on a small pickup, SUV, 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton or larger super duty trucks.  And don’t forget to ask about our snowplow service and installation specials!  The versatile SnowDogg MD75 Stainless Steel Snow Plow is the most widely used plow in the SnowDogg MD Series and provides the best fit for smaller trucks and SUVs.  The MD75 compares favorably to other plows on the market, outperforming Boss Super Duty, Meyer Drive Pro, Western HTS and Fisher HT plows.  SnowDogg MD Series Plows feature a more stiff yet lightweight moldboard cross tube with 304 stainless steel construction, an integral power unit, dual foot pedals, separate hydraulic and light connectors, covered/replaceable Micro-ISO relays, chain lift and 3/8-inch cutting edge.  Medium duty trucks in the 14,000 to 27,000 GVWR range can upgrade to the commercial grade CM100 SnowDogg CM Series Plow.


See How Easy It Is To Attach And Remove A SnowDogg MD Series Snowplow Video


SnowDogg Expandable Wing Plows And V-Plows For Sale

Expandable Wing And V-Plows

In case you were not aware, Boss and Meyer do not even offer an expanding wing plow in their product line.  Never fear, SnowDogg is here with the best expandable wing plow on the market, the SnowDogg XP810.  When compared to the Blizzard 8100PP, Western Wide Out or Fisher XLS, the superior performance and durabilitly of the SnowDogg XP810 stand out.  With features like a 10-foot scoop width, 304 stainless steel moldboard construction, power unit with full SAE valves, separate hydraulic and light connectors, replaceable Micro-ISO relays and a steel wing cutting edge, SnowDogg XP Series plows are simple to operate and provide full windrowing action.  If you are interested in a more compact v-plow to get into those hard to reach areas, Buyers recommends the VMD75 for 7 1/2-foot blade width or the VXF85 for 8 1/2-foot blade width.  Compare the SnowDogg VMD75  to the Boss Power-V XT, Meyer Super V-LD, Western MVP Plus or Fisher XtremeV, and you will find the SnowDogg VMD Series features like the trip edge moldboard with 304 stainless steel construction and moldboard cross tube will keep snow rolling more consistently, and the lighter weight of the SnowDogg plow protects the truck from any extra wear and tear.  The Snowdogg VXF85 features a wider plow edge with a more aggressive curvature and flare as compared to the Western MVP Plus and Fisher XtremeV.  SnowDogg trip edge moldboards are easier tripping than the Boss Power-V XT, providing less shock to the entire system.  Separate hydraulic and light connectors, covered/replaceable Micro-ISO relays, dual foot pedals and durable chain lift also come standard on SnowDogg V-Plows.


ScoopDogg Snow Pusher Snow Removal Equipment For Sale

Snow Pushers

ScoopDogg Snow Pushers can turn your construction machinery into heavy duty snow removal equipment. From skid steer machines in the 5,500 to 10,000+ pound range, to backhoes in the 12,000 to 16,000+ pound range, to smaller compact tractors in the 2,500 to 4,500+ pound range and larger front-end loaders in the 13,000 to 45,000+ pound range, ScoopDogg has the snow pusher to do the job.  Skid steer snow pushers come in 8-feet, 10-feet and 12-feet width.  Backhoe snow pushers come in 10-feet, 12-feet and 14-feet width.  Compact tractor snow pushers come in 6-feet, 8-feet and 10-feet width.  And finally, front-end loader snow pushers are available in 12-feet, 14-feet, 16-feet, 18-feet and 20-feet width sizes.


SaltDogg Tailgate Salt Spreaders For Sale

Tailgate Salt Spreaders

SaltDogg Tailgate Salters come in various styles for SUVs and trucks.  Gravity feed spreaders like the SaltDogg TGS06 feature a few electrical advantages, such as an integrated vibrator kit, an optional integrated work light kit and a motor located inside the hopper for better protection.  The SaltDogg TGS05B Verticle Auger Spreader system outperforms the Boss TGS1100, Meyer Blaster 750, Western LP 2500 and SnowEx Pivot Pro 1075 and has the second highest salt capacity.  The SaltDogg TGS07 is the largest capacity two stage spreader on the market, and features a patent pending adjustable height bumper receiver mount.  SaltDogg also has a line of tailgate spreaders specifically designed to work with SUVs or sport utility vehicles.  For more of a residential or driveway application, the 14-foot spreader width of the SaltDogg TGSUV1B is a popular choice.  But for more of a commercial spreading operation for parking lots and service roads, you cannot beat the TGSUVPROA by SaltDogg with a spread width broadcasting up to 30-feet wide.  It is the light weight, durable, low priced alternative to the Boss TGS600, Meyer Mini JR, Western 500 or SnowEx SP-575 salt spreaders.


SaltDogg Tailgate Spreader Demonstration Video


SaltDogg V-Box Truck Bed Salt Spreaders For Sale

V-Box Salt Spreaders

Contractor grade, commercial v-box salters range in size by their capacity in either the 2-yard, 3-yard or 4-yard sizes.  All SaltDogg v-box spreaders feature double walled LPDE plastic frameless construction with a 304 stainless steel trough, the highest grade stainless steel produced today.  They can spread a variety of materials, including salt, sand and calcium chloride.  The all-purpose SaltDogg SHPE2250 has the highest capacity of the 2-yard spreaders, and has a broadcast width of up to 40-feet.  Compare the SHPE2250 to the Meyer Poly Hawk PV, Western Tornado, Fisher Polycaster, SnowEx SP-8500/H or Down Easter CMYDY2108E, or for a comparable slightly cheaper model, choose the SaltDogg SHPE2000.  Once you get up to the 3-yard size poly auger v-box spreaders, your brand choices are fewer.  The SaltDogg SHPE3000 beats all competitors for superior performance and durability when installed on heavy duty trucks over 13,000 lbs. GVW, including the Western Tornado, Fisher Polycaster and SnowEx SP-9300/H salters.  The 4-yard capacity industrial sized salter models narrow the field down to just 2 comparable poly auger spreaders, the SaltDogg SHPE4000 and the SnowEx SP-9500/H.  The SaltDogg SHPE4000 is lighter in weight and has a 304 stainless steel trough and frame, while the SnowEx model has a carbon steel trough and frame.  Other key differences include a larger spinner, larger auger and extended chute available only on the SaltDogg SHPE4000 salt spreader.


SaltDogg Walk Behind Salt Spreaders For Sale

Walk Behind Salt Spreaders

Snow and ice removal businesses prefer the SaltDogg Commercial/Residential Walk Behind Salters to stand up to the toughest Winter conditions.  These walk behind salters have an impressive array of features, including an ergonomic, adjustable deflector, metal hopper screen, advanced restrictor plate and a double stitched rain cover.  Whether you choose the economical SaltDogg WB100, or if you require the much larger SaltDogg WB400 for more open areas, SaltDogg by Buyers salt spreaders will get the job done.

*All New* ATV Plows And Salters

Hanna Trailer Supply is proud to offer our new line of ATV and UTV snowplows and salters, including the plow mounts , replacement hardware and accessories.  All-terrain vehicle straight blade plows from Kolpin Cycle Country come in 48-inch, 52-inch, 60-inch and 72-inch widths.  The Buyers ATVS15A Salt Spreader has a 15 gallon capacity, perfect for salting walkways, paths and driveways.  If you own an ATV, UTV or Quad and want to use it for clearing snow and ice, please feel free to browse our inventory of plows and salt spreaders.

Having trouble diagnosing your snow plow or salt spreader mechanical problems? If you are in the greater Milwaukee or Chicagoland area, Hanna Trailer Supply is just a short drive away.  Call our Snowplow and Salter Service Center at (414) 762-7950 and schedule an appointment during regular business hours, Monday Through Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.

Don’t wait for the first flakes to fly. Prepare for winter in the Milwaukee or Chicago area with a quality snow plow or salter from Hanna Trailer Supply. Contact us at 414-762-7950 to speak to a snow plow and salter sales specialist about the best snow removal equipment for your purpose.


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