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Roof Maintenance & Repair

Eternabond AS-2-50 Alumibond Tape - 2 Inch x 50 Foot Roll
REG. $62.95
Sale! - $51.99
You Save $10.96 (17.4%)
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Eternabond AS-4-50
REG. $155.95
Sale! - $129.99
You Save $25.96 (16.6%)
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Permatite 250-H Grey Butyl Tape - 3/4-inch x 30-feet - Great for Bonding & Sealing!
REG. $22.95
Sale! - $19.99
You Save $2.96 (12.9%)
AP Products 017-90852 Sikaflex 201 White Sealant
REG. $27.95
Sale! - $22.99
You Save $4.96 (17.7%)
AP Products  Sikaflex 221 Aluminum Gray Sealant
REG. $28.95
Sale! - $23.99
You Save $4.96 (17.1%)
AP Products 017-90893 Sikaflex 221 Black Sealant
REG. $28.95
Sale! - $23.99
You Save $4.96 (17.1%)
Geocel ProFlex RV Flexible Sealant Clear | 10oz Tube
REG. $28.95
Sale! - $24.99
You Save $3.96 (13.7%)
REG. $13.99
Sale! - $11.99
You Save $2.00 (14.3%)
Camco 42323 Black Gutter Spouts with Extensions - 4 Pack
REG. $23.95
Sale! - $19.99
You Save $3.96 (16.5%)
Thetford 94174 Black Rigid Extended Rain Gutter Spout
REG. $13.95
Sale! - $11.99
You Save $1.96 (14.1%)
Thetford 94170 | Rigid Rain Gutter Spout  Polar White
REG. $13.95
Sale! - $11.99
You Save $1.96 (14.1%)
JR Products 49615 Full Extrusion End Cap - Right and Left Hand Set - Polar White
REG. $15.95
Sale! - $12.99
You Save $2.96 (18.6%)
JR Products 10111 | Premium Vinyl Insert | Black | 100 Foot Length
REG. $44.95
Sale! - $36.99
You Save $7.96 (17.7%)
Free Shipping
JR Products 10121 | Premium Vinyl Insert | White | 100 Foot Length
REG. $38.99
Sale! - $34.99
You Save $4.00 (10.3%)
AP Products 018-318 3/4 Inch x 1/2 Inch Rubber D Seal Tape with Tape - Black
REG. $75.95
Sale! - $62.99
You Save $12.96 (17.1%)
Free Shipping
Eternabond | ECS-10-WHITE | EternaCaulk Roof Sealant
REG. $29.99
Sale! - $24.99
You Save $5.00 (16.7%)
JR Products 49655 | Vinyl End Caps Metal | Polar White
REG. $29.95
Sale! - $24.99
You Save $4.96 (16.6%)
JR Products 49665 | Vinyl End Caps Metal | Colonial White
REG. $28.99
Sale! - $25.99
You Save $3.00 (10.3%)
JR Products 49675 | Aluminum Vinyl End Caps
REG. $23.95
Sale! - $20.99
You Save $2.96 (12.4%)
JR Products 10015 Premium Vinyl Insert Black 25 Foot Length
REG. $21.95
Sale! - $17.99
You Save $3.96 (18.0%)

RV Roof Maintenance & Repair

Eternabond Products

To most RVers, nothing is more annoying than a water leak in your roof, especially one that pops up in a place where there are no repair centers. Thanks to Eternabond, RV leak repairs are now quick, easy, and most importantly, permanent. Eternabond Microsealant Repair Tape adheres to virtually all types of surfaces, and it is super thick to ensure permanent repairs. Eternaprime Surface Primer is great for preparing dirty or dusty areas for the application of Repair Tape.

Gutter Extensions

Gutter extensions prevent black streaks from forming on your RV by directing rain water runoff away from the sidewalls. They are made of durable plastic, and they attach under your RV's existing aluminum track. Gutter extensions install in minutes without the use of any tools. We have gutter extensions from Camco and JR Products in black and white to match your RV's exterior.

Rubber Roof Repair & Maintenance

Over time, the EPDM Rubber Roof on your RV is exposed to harsh elements like UV rays, rain, hail, snow and wind blown debris, which can lead to stains and discoloration. Luckily there are specific products designed to restore your rubber roof and help protect it from harmful weather conditions. Thetford Premium Rubber Roof Cleaner deep cleans, conditions and protects your rubber roof in one quick, easy step. Dicor's EPDM Rubber Roof Acrylic Coating is a two part commercial grade system. The EPDM Roof Cleaner Activator prepares the roof while the Acrylic Coating provides an excellent long lasting protective barrier on your roof.

Roof Sealants & Coatings

Roof Sealants are great for repairing cracks and leaks that form ony our RV's roof near vents and seams. Roof Coatings are great for waterproofing and weatherproofing your entire roof, and they are designed to work on a variety of roofing materials. Dyco Flow Seam Seal, once applied, gradually forms a flexible water resistant elastomeric seal, making it ideal for seams around vents, stacks and attached structures on your RV's roof. Dicor Products Metal RV Roof Coating is easy to apply, and it protects and beautifies metal, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and previously coated RV roofs.

Seam & Repair Tapes

Seam and Repair Tapes are great for fixing small cracks in your RV's roof. It is a good idea to keep some emergency repair tape in your RV, so that a small leak does not ruin your camping trip. Repair tape is easy to apply, and it provides long lasting protection from future leaking. Incom Manufacturing RV Awning Repair Tape allows for the permanent repair of rips and punctures in your RV's awning.

Vinyl Insert

Hanna Trailer Supply offers a variety of Vinyl Trim Insert Rolls that are perfect for replacing worn, damaged, or weathered trim. Replacing the damaged vinyl inserts is an inexpensive way to spruce up the exterior of your RV. Camco White Vinyl Trim Insert comes in a 1 inch x 25 foot long roll, and it can be used to replace the trim inserts on your aluminum roof edge, trim molding, and truck camper shells. JR Products Premium Vinyl Insert comes in a 100 foot roll, and it is made of the same thick vinyl used by many of the original manufacturers.

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