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Bearing Buddy 42101 Bearing Buddies With Bras - Pair - No. 1980 Fits L-44610

Product Number: BEA-42101
Vendor Number: 18817901
$53.95 $44.99

Bearing Buddy 42101 Bearing Buddies With Bras - Pair - No. 1980 Fits L-44610

Product Number: BEA-42101
Vendor Number: 18817901
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Bearing Buddy 42101 Bearing Buddies With Bras - Pair - No. 1980 Fits L-44610 - No. 1980 Fits Hubs With L-44610, 1.98-inch outer cup.

The original product, now proven in 20 years of service. It replaces the dust cap in the wheel hub. The hub is filled with grease through a fitting on the Bearing Buddy. The patented spring loaded piston then holds a slight pressure inside the hub. When wheels are submerged, this higher inside pressure (together with the hub being full of grease) keeps out water. The automatic relief valve feature limits pressure inside the hub to protect the rear seals from rupture. Since the hub is full of grease, the bearings receive constant lubrication and the rear seals last they ride on a greased surface. Bearing Buddy allows quick lubricant level check and ends the need to repack bearings. Bearing Buddy is made of steel and each unit is inspected to assure tight, long term hub fit. Sold per pair.


Reasons Why You Need Bearing Buddy:

  • Prevents wheel bearing failure on boat, snowmobile, ATV, horse, RV, and utility trailers
  • Eliminates bearing repacking
  • Keeps water and dirt out of hubs and bearings
  • Grease level easily checked
  • Stainless steel components
  • Proven in use for over 35 years and billions of miles of service
  • Easy to install
  • Made in the USA


Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


Remove hubs and check the bearings before installing Bearing Buddy. Replace bearings if they are damaged, rusted, or pitted. Clean old grease and contaminants out of the hubs. Check the condition of the inner seals. Be sure they are new, top quality, and running on a smooth spindle sealing surface. IMPORTANT: As you reassemble the components, fill the hubs completely with a high quality, multipurpose, no.2 grade lubricant (e.g., the type used for automotive suspensions). Don't use heavy, fibrous greases; don't mix grease types.



Hold the Bearing Buddy against the hub with a small block of wood, and drive it into place with a hammer. If Bearing Buddy cannot be driven into the hub, or will not fit tightly into the hub, don't force it. Your hubs may be slightly oversized or undersized. If this occurs, or if the Bearing Buddy is obviously too large or too small; contact your dealer. If you install Model 1980T (threaded), apply Permatex or some other grease proof gasket cement to the Bearing Buddy threads, and then screw Bearing Buddy into the hub, hand tight.


Bearing Buddy is held in the hub by an interference fit. To remove Bearing Buddy, lay a block of wood against the side of it and strike the wood with a hammer. Place the wood on the opposite side and hit again. Continue this procedure until you ''walk'' the Bearing Buddy out of the hub. Don't disassemble the Bearing Buddy to attempt to remove it.

How To Select The Right Bearing Buddy Model:

Choose a genuine Bearing Buddy to match your hub bore. To convert a model number to the hub bore in inches (or dust cap diameter), simply place a decimal point after the first digit in the model number.

Model Number 1980, for example, fits a 1.980 inch bore hole diameter. Our 2080T (threaded model 2080) will fit the Reliable oil bath unit that is on many of the EZ Loader trailers.

Model: Hub Bore (mm): Outer Bearing Cone: Outer Bearing Cup (race):
1980/1980A* 50.41 L-44643, L-44649, L-44640 L44610
1781 45.24 LM-11949 LM-11910
2328 59.25 LM-67048, hub not counterbored LM-67010
1810 45.97 LM-12749 LM-12711
1938 49.34 09067 09194, 95, 96
1968 50.08 M-12649, 07100 M-12610, 07196
1980T N/A All internally threaded hubs  
2047 52.08 Various 07204
2080 52.92 900 Series 900 Series
2240 56.98 1700 Series 1729
2441 62.08 LM-67048, hub counterbored, 15123 and others LM-67010, 15245
2562 65.07 48548 48510
2717 69.06 14124, 14125A 14276

*The 1980 and 1980A both fit a hub bore of 1.980 inches, however the 1980A has a blue ring which acts as a visual lubricant level indicator inside the hub.

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