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I am interested in purchasing a new trailer from Hanna Trailer Supply. What should I know before I pick up my new trailer?

We have come up with a list of frequently asked questions that we get from our new trailer customers. We have created this list of helpful trailer sales information that we give to customers when they buy a trailer, and we will continue to update it as we see fit.

Do I need to get license plates for my new trailer?

  • A trailer with a GVWR under 3000 lbs does not need to be titled in the state of Wisconsin.
  • A trailer with a GVWR over 3000 lbs needs to be titled in the state of Wisconsin.
  • In order to get a title and plates, you will need to bring your bill of sale and Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin to the DMV.
    • The DMV in South Milwaukee is a 5 minute drive from Hanna Trailer (Address: 1835 College Ave, South Milwaukee)
    • Out of State Customers will need to bring their paperwork to the DMV in their home state. If your sales tax rate is higher than Milwaukee County’s (5.6%), the additional sales tax will be collected when you go to get your trailer titled.

A very important thing to consider when purchasing a new trailer is whether or not your vehicle is capable and set up for towing the trailer.

For example, we stock dump and equipment trailers that have a GVWR of 14,000 lb. In order to tow one of these trailers safely, you need to make sure that your tow vehicle has a 14,000 lb or higher towing capacity as well as a hitch, ball mount, and ball that are all rated for 14,000 lbs or higher. If your vehicle is not prewired with a factory brake control, our service technicians can install a quality aftermarket unit for you.

What should I know about brake controllers?

  • Do I need a brake controller to tow a trailer that is equipped with electric brakes?
    • Yes, to have functioning electric brakes on the trailer, your tow vehicle must have a brake controller. Many newer tow vehicles come with factory installed controllers.
  • Where can I get an electric brake controller installed?
    • Hanna Trailer Supply stocks aftermarket brake controllers, and our Service Department can install a new brake controller on your vehicle so that you can tow your new trailer safely and legally.

Frequently Asked Questions - Enclosed Trailers

Q. What screwdriver bit do I use for the eight point screw heads?

A. #2 square head bit.

Q. Why do I need to cross my safety chains?

A. To create a cradle to catch the trailer tongue if the hitch comes off the ball of the tow vehicle.

Q. Does the little battery on the a-frame of my trailer power the interior lights?

A. No, the breakaway battery triggers the electric brakes should your trailer become disconnected from the tow vehicle and the attached lanyard is pulled from its switch.

Q. Does the breakaway battery recharge from the tow vehicle or do I need to charge it?

A. It does recharge through the vehicle and you do not need to charge it.

Q. What powers my interior lights?

A. The tow vehicle when connected.

Q. How do I add shelves and where are the studs in my trailer?

A. The vertical supports or studs are typically located on 16” or 24” centers dependent on model. They can be seen or located using the screw pattern on the interior or exterior of the trailer. Keep in mind that they are steel or aluminum so you will require a self-threading screw. The wall cavity on some models is only 1” deep so keep that in mind when selecting a screw length.

Q. If I have a flat tire where do I locate the jack?

A. Once your trailer is securely blocked so that it cannot roll you can locate the jack either near the axle on the front to rear running main frame rail of trailer or directly under the axle beam if safely accessible.

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