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How often should I check for tire wear? What should I look for?

Check for tire wear frequently in order to identify problems early. If the problem is corrected, you still may require new tires to avoid further complications. Be sure to take action and correct problems before mounting new tires. The following chart provides further detail on the causes of extreme tire wear, the recommended actions, and tips for what to look for to identify the tire wear condition.

Tire Wear Pattern Cause And Effect
Wear Pattern Wear Image Caused By
What To Do
Center   Over-inflation Lower tire pressure to recommended PSI
Both Edges   Under-inflation Fill tire to recommended PSI
One Side Edge  

Incorrect camber angle

or operating with overweight load

Re-alignment and balancing to correct camber

or make sure not to exceed axle weight capacity

Toe-in   Incorrect toe-in Re-alignment and balancing to correct toe-in
Cupping   Incorrect tire balance Check bearings and balancing
Flat Spots  


and/or wheel lockup

Adjust brakes

and/or take action to prevent sudden stops and wheel lockup

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