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RV Covers vs. Renting Indoor RV Storage

New and prospective RV owners should consider their options for RV storage. While the best place for your camper is in use or on the open road, inevitably there will be some down time between excursions. Even veteran RV pilots could benefit by putting some serious thought into storage. Whether storing your camper under an RV cover or in indoor storage, it's recommended that you park on wood blocks and utilize RV tire covers to keep moisture away from the tires. Tires are an often-overlooked source of depreciation. The two primary factors for considering whether to rent storage space or buy an RV Cover are (1) accessibility and (2) cost.

RV Covers Vs RV Storage - Breakdown:

Indoor Storage Accessibility

Renting indoor storage is a good option for people who lack the yard or driveway space to store their RV, but it raises a number of potential difficulties. If you’re not towing, you’ll have to arrange a ride to the storage unit or leave a vehicle in the rental space while you’re gone. This can be especially frustrating for RV owners who live in rural or semi-rural areas. Many indoor storage garages do not offer 24 hour accessibility for security reasons. You’ll have to do some research to see if the nearest city is equipped with the proper facilities.

RV Covers Accessibility

RV covers are as accessible as the space you have to store your camper. You’ll only need a couple minutes to apply the RV cover, and a place to park. Some RV cover manufacturers install zipper access panels to allow entry into a stored RV. These entry panels have varying degrees of effectiveness. ADCO RV covers rate highly for their large automotive-grade zippers and multiple entry panels. By storing an RV cover on your own property, you’ll be ready for last-minute weekend trips at your convenience.

Indoor Storage Costs

If you already own a very large pole barn, the only drawback to indoor storage is space. If you don’t, be prepared to absorb some hefty rental fees. Indoor storage units often charge for rental space by the foot and by month. These costs can add up pretty quickly.

RV Cover Costs

RV Covers versus Storage

When it comes to cost, investing in an RV cover strongly outperforms rental space. With a one-time purchase, Class C and Class A RV covers eliminate years of indoor storage fees. RV covers can be purchased online with minimal or sometimes even Free shipping on orders over $50 costs. When the day finally comes when you’re looking to sell, trade-in, or upgrade your RV, you’ll see your small investment pay for itself many times over.

In conclusion, if you’ve got 36 feet of extra indoor storage space, by all means use it. But when it comes to your RV, dollar for dollar there’s no better value than investing in a quality RV cover. By protecting your camper from moisture, debris and sun, you guard yourself against damage and depreciation.

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