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Utility Or Boat Trailer Preparation For Storage Guide

Now that the warm weather season has passed, it is time to think about readying your utility or boat trailer for the long over-winter storage period. The following tips are listed here for your convenience to help you through the process of preparing your trailer for storage.

  • A simple first recommendation would be to thoroughly wash and detail your trailer. Remove those last bits of dirt and grime before storage. Use a gentle car wash or RV wash soap to protect any painted trailer parts and sealants. And don't forget to wash the undercarriage of your trailer. Also, make sure the trailer is completely dry prior to storage to prevent mold.
  • If your utility trailer has an emergency breakaway battery, it must be removed and stored inside in a dry, weather-proof space. We recommend that every 90 days, the battery should be charged. Most boat trailers are equipped with surge brakes.
  • Now you will need jack stands to jack up the trailer. They should be placed under the trailer frame to remove the weight from the tires. Remember not to place jack stands on the equalizers, any part of the suspension or under the axle tube.
  • You need to decide if you prefer to store your trailer with the tires off or the tires on. If storing with the tires on, stabilize the trailer on blocks and reduce the air to the recommended cold weather PSI. Please refer to our Trailer Wheel & Tire FAQ titled "Where can I find the maximum load capacity and maximum PSI for trailer tires?".
  • If storing with the tires removed, take each tire/wheel off of the hub and store on a flat surface indoors. Place tires on their sides with plywood between them. If possible, store in a dry place out of sunlight and/or wrap the tires in opaque polyethylene.
  • If you are preparing a boat trailer for storage, you will also need to remove the brake drums. Use a recommended brake lubricant to lubricate each of the moving brake parts. Check the wheel bearings for excessive wear, and replace if necessary. Use Corrosion Block Grease to lubricate and protect the bearings throughout the storage time. An instructional video is available on our website on
  • Now back to the trailer itself. Inspect any seams for loose or missing sealant. Seal those seams with a recommended sealant.
  • Finally, check trailer for rust and remove with sandpaper or steel wool. Lubricate locks, hinges, hitch parts, electrical plugs, suspension parts and springs with Corrosion Block CB-12 to ensure proper function and prevent the build-up of corrosion during storage.

Now that your utility or boat trailer is clean, lubricated and protected from corrosion, it is ready for storage throughout the long, cold Winter months. The best news will come again in Spring when your trailer will be ready to roll once again.

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