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Camco 35953 Supreme Permanent Bypass Kit with 8 Inch Hose

Product Number: CAM-21620
Vendor Number: 40061029
$33.95 $27.99

Camco 35953 Supreme Permanent Bypass Kit with 8 Inch Hose

Product Number: CAM-21620
Vendor Number: 40061029
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The Camco 35953 Supreme Permanent Bypass Kit with 8 Inch Hose is for 6 gallon tanks. Lead free. Permanent bypass keeps antifreeze out of your RV's 6-gallon water heater during winterization. Brass valves attach to the cold water inlet and hot water outlet on your water heater and an 8" nylon hose connects the 2 to create a bypass.


  • Provides permanent installation for by-passing water heater when winterizing your recreational vehicle, camper, fifth wheel, or travel trailer
  • Kit includes hose and valves necessary to keep antifreeze out of your RV's water heater during the winterization process
    • Saves gallons of antifreeze
    • Easy to install
  • (2) 3-Way valves stay connected year-round
    • Open the valves to bypass setting to direct flow through the hose
    • Close bypass to use your water heater as usual
  • Brass valves resist corrosion and provide an unrestricted passage for liquid
  • Nylon-reinforced hose is kink resistant, durable, and mold resistant
  • Simple installation - no tools required
  • Chrome plated brass valves for non-restrictive flow, and reinforced flexible vinyl tubing
  • 2 Valves, 1 hose, and PTFE tape included
  • 8" Hose fits a 6-gallon water heater



  • Valve thread size: 1/2"


Camco Accessories and Parts - CAM35953

  • RV Water Heaters
  • Winterization
  • Permanent Bypass Kit
  • Camco

35953 Camco Motor Home Winterization By-Pass Kit with 8 Inch Hose for 6 Gallon Water Heater - Permanent


RV Winterization Guide by Camco

RV Winterization Step by Step Guide by Camco



Winterize your RV and save the cost of anti-freeze it would take to fill your water heater each season.

The Supreme Permanent By-Pass Kit was specifically designed to save you 6-10 gallons of anti-freeze each time you winterize your RV.  It does this by allowing you to bypass your water heater when winterizing.

Once permanently installed, this kit allows you to bypass your water heater without further disconnections. Non-restrictive, positive shutoff 3-way valves allow free flow with 100% shutoff. Unique handle with flow indication allows visual indication of the valve's operation.


Installation Instructions

1. Shut OFF heat supply (gas and/or electricity) to water heater.

2. Shut OFF cold water supply to water heater (i.e. shut off water supply connection to RV).

3. Open any hot water faucet for vacuum break.

4. Remove water heater drain plug (outside RV access door). Pull  T & P drain valve lever to drain.

5. Drain tank completely.

6. Disconnect existing cold and hot water at the point where they enter the water heater. Label with colored tape or marker for re-connection later.

7. Clean exposed threaded holes to remove any loose remaining sealant or rust scale.

8. Apply 3 to 5 turns of Teflon tape (clockwise) to male pipe threads at "port A" on both 3-way valves.

9. Screw "port A" of each valve into existing cold and hot water connections. Hand tighten clockwise and tighten at least an additional turn such that port B of one 3-way valve is pointed at "port B" of the other valve. When tightening, do not grasp the valve handle with wrench, as damage to valve's inner seal may result. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

10. Connect the by-pass hose between valves and reconnect existing hot and cold water lines.

11. Close T & P drain valve, reinstall drain plug and turn both valves to the open position. Turn ON cold water supply.

12. Check for proper installation. Water should fill the water heater with both valves in the "open" position. Water should bypass water heater with both valves in the "by-pass" position.

13. Allow all trapped air to escape from open hot water faucet until water has a constant flow. Close hot water faucet.

NOTE: If leakage occurs, shut OFF cold water supply and tighten the connection at the offending leak. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

NOTE: Tank must be properly filled with water (see step 13) before turning on heat supply (gas and/or electricity) to water heater.

14. Turn ON heat supply (gas and/or electricity) to water heater.


Winterizing Instructions

1. Begin your winterization process with the hot water heater full.

2. Turn valves to the "by-pass" position.

3. Blow out the water lines to clear all water.

4. Pump anti-freeze throughout the system.

5. Turn off power to pump.

6. Drain the hot water tank.


De-Winterizing Instructions

1. Open all faucets until clear water appears. Close faucets.

2. Turn valves to "open" position.

3. Purge air from system by opening a hot water faucet until water flows in a solid stream.

If valve is ever damaged or needs to be replaced, replacement valve #37463 may be purchased separately.


Additional Information

Prepare Your RV for Winter - Protect Your Investment by Following These RV Winterization Tips
Prepare Your RV for Spring with This Handy Checklist
Winterizing Your RV With RV Plus Anti-Freeze



Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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