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Camco 11691 RV Water Heater Tank Rinser

Product Number: CAM-11691
Vendor Number: 30002151
$20.99 $16.99

Camco 11691 RV Water Heater Tank Rinser

Product Number: CAM-11691
Vendor Number: 30002151
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The Camco 11691 RV Water Heater Tank Rinser lifts sediment that collects at the bottom of your hot water heater and washes it out of your water heater tank. The RV Water Heater Tank Rinser also helps extend the life of your water heater. If sediment is allowed to remain in the tank, it will cause corrosion and shorten the life of your water heater.

Instructions for Use:

1. Turn off gas supply and/or electrical power to water heater.

2. Turn off water supply to your RV. Open a hot water faucet in the RV to reduce waterline pressure.

3. Open the outside door to the RV water heater, and remove the lower drain plug. Allow tank to drain completely.

4. Hook up a garden hose to the RV water heater tank rinser and place in drain plug opening with rinser tip facing down.

5. Open tank rinser valve and move the end of the nozzle slowly around inside the tank. The water flow will stir up the sediment, and you will see it flowing with the water out of the drain opening. Continue for two or three minutes, or until the water flowing out is clear.

6. Turn off tank rinser valve and remove from tank. Replace drain valve.

For more tank protection while maintaining easy tank drainage, replace drain valve with Camco's #11533 Water Heater Anode Rod with Drain.

Anode rods extend the life of your water heater by attracting corrosive elements in the water, protecting your tank and heating elements from corrosion



Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Additional RV Winterization Information:


For a more comprehensive RV Winterization Guide by Camco,
please click and download the following PDF file:

RV Winterization Step by Step Guide by Camco

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