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Pop Up Camper Cotton Canvas Fabric - 18" x 18" - Beige

Product Number: PK-CANVAS-BEIGE
Vendor Number: PK-CANVAS
$15.95 $9.99

Pop Up Camper Cotton Canvas Fabric - 18" x 18" - Beige

Product Number: PK-CANVAS-BEIGE
Vendor Number: PK-CANVAS
$15.95 $9.99 You Save $5.96 (37.4%)
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This 18'' x 18'' piece of beige cotton canvas fabric is made to match your camper's canvas color. This patch fabric does not come with any adhesive.


What you get: One 18'' x 18'' Piece of Beige Cotton Canvas Fabric


If you would like to buy the recommended adhesive for patch repair: 2 Ounce Bottle of Tear Mender Adhesive

If you would like to buy them as a kit please visit this page: Pop Up Camper Cotton Canvas Repair Kit - Beige



When mending a hole a patch will work well. Cut a piece of fabric larger than the hole, lay it on the underside of your garment and trace around the outer edge. Apply Tear Mender to the inside of that area as well as the back of the patch. Place the patch over the hole and press firmly, let dry. (Tear Mender is made from all natural materials, will not stick to any hard surface, to remove simply rub with your finger until glue balls up–do not wipe up with a cloth as Tear Mender will permanently stick to fabric)



Soft Top Vinyl – An easy repair that is permanent. Follow the directions for applying a patch shown above. Tear Mender will not break in sunlight and stays pliable regardless of the outside temperatures – uniquely suited for this use. Refer to the General Directions shown above to make the utility repair. Added hint…when patch is bonded to under-side place a small amount of Tear Mender in the tear or puncture on the surface side. This will ensure a waterproof seal.



Most of these covers are made of Acrylic Fiber materials. These items are durable and fade resistant. Because Tear Mender adheres to fibers, is UV resistant and remains pliable in hot and freezing temperatures, it is the unique repair “tool” for their repairs. Follow the General Use Directions above. NOTE: The patch material should be a heavy cotton or similar porous fiber as the cover. Allow 30 minutes drying time. Seats for boats and snowmobiles: Cut a patch and bond to the underside of the hole by pushing the patch into the hole then using your fingers to smooth it out. Using the applicator tip apply a small amount of glue between the patch and area around the inside of the hole. Press and hold until bond begins to sure in about 3 minutes.



Tear Mender will NOT bond nylon or similar fabric to itself…but the “Sandwich Method” works well. This type of repair can extend the life of these items when no other mending can. Sandwich Method: Cut 2 patches of heavy cotton (or similar fabric) a little bit bigger than the hole you are mending. Place them over the hole on both sides and trace them with a pencil. Apply Tear Mender to one patch first, then around the hole (staying inside of your traced line). Press firmly and let dry, wiping off excess as you go. Turn over and repeat on the second side, creating a sandwich effect.


Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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