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Mouse Free 1 Gallon RV Mouse Repelling Undercarriage Lubricant with Spray Gun

Product Number: MFKIT
Vendor Number: MFKIT
$155.99 $129.99

Mouse Free 1 Gallon RV Mouse Repelling Undercarriage Lubricant with Spray Gun

Product Number: MFKIT
Vendor Number: MFKIT
$155.99 $129.99 You Save $26.00 (16.7%)
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Mouse Free's unique formula stops the entry of mice into your RV. Mouse Free stops mice and other pests from entering through the small holes and cavities on the under side of your motorhome or travel trailer.


How does it work?

Apply the lubricating non-drip coating scented with 100% natural essential oils to the entire undercarriage of your RV. This creates two unique ways to stop mice.

#1  The scent of natural essential oils are overwhelming to mice, and it drives them way. Mice have an acute sense of smell.

#2  The coating once applied is impassable by an mouse, squirrel, or insect - even ants! The non-drip oily coating is much too slippery to travel across. If it doesn't have wings, Mouse Free will keep them out!

 Mouse Free No Drip No Mess Non Toxic Environmentally Friendly



The Facts

Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, and other Recreational Vehicles sit unattended for long periods when not in use. They become inviting targets for mice, squirrels and insects. Rodents work their way in through holes made at the manufacturer. Manufacturers mostly drill holes to accommodate water lines, sewer lines, propane lines, and electrical wiring underneath the coach. These make the perfect entry point and acts as an open invitation for mice and other rodents!

Damage caused by rodent infestation ranks among the top RV insurance claims. The mice chew through electrical wires, rubber, and plastic hoses, and can completely ruin a motorhome and disable critical RV systems.

Mice can carry disease. Hantavirus, a particularly dangerous disease carried by deer mice, can be breathed in while cleaning up mouse droppings.


Mouse Free

Pros:  Prevents entry. Humane. No traces to be seen!

Cons:  Will only work if you purchase the treatment!


Mouse Trap

Pros:  Effective at killing mice that made it inside

Cons:  Does not prevent entry. Considered inhumane



Pros:  Effective at killing mice that made it inside

Cons:  Does not prevent entry & can kill pets / animals


Moth Balls

Pros:  Effective in small spaces

Cons:  Does not prevent entry  * Known to California to cause cancer *


Scented Dryer Sheets

Pros:  Works on very small scale

Cons:  Scent only lasts a few weeks & can be carried away


Steel Wool Stuffed In Holes

Pros:  Works on very small scale

Cons:  Will rust and fall out & difficult to find access holes


Cotton Balls Scented With Peppermint

Pros:  Works on very small scale

Cons:  Scent does not last. End up using as nesting materials


Does Your Spouse Or Partner Think Mouse Proofing Is Worth It?

They will say "ABSOLUTELY! It is the most important thing! I won't step foot inside the RV until I know it is mouse-free! It also saves us hours of cleaning and disinfecting after we find mouse droppings. Not to mention the damage they can cause by chewing on the electrical wiring."

SPECIAL NOTE: The Mouse Free product works very well at preventing mice from entering your RV. It is not designed to get rid of existing mice. 'Bait and Trap' methods must be used to reduce any existing population of mice. We recommend immediate action when evidence of rodents are found. They can multiply very quickly, and damage to your RV may result.



Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Excellent Product!
By: Constance
on 12/27/2017
So far has been an AWESOME deterrent for mice. We live in the country and we needed a product like this. We want to preserve the high quality of our travel trailer and boat as long as possible. Thank you.
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