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Valterra D04-0115 EZ Coupler 20 Foot Bayonet RV Sewer Hose Kit

Product Number: 23038
Vendor Number: 25040614
$64.95 $55.99

Valterra D04-0115 EZ Coupler 20 Foot Bayonet RV Sewer Hose Kit

Product Number: 23038
Vendor Number: 25040614
$64.95 $55.99 You Save $8.96 (13.8%)
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Great for long RV journeys, these durable 18-mil-thick sewer hoses connect together so you can easily dump your holding tanks. 4-In-1 clear elbow adapter fits 4 sizes of sewer inlets and lets you see when your tank is empty.


Product Features

  • Sewer hoses let you drain your RV's black-water and gray-water tanks at a dump station
    • Ideal for part-time RV living or for taking extended camping trips
  • 2 Separate hoses allow you to adjust the length to fit your setup
    • Use standard 10' hose at most campgrounds
    • Connect 10' extension hose if extra length is needed to reach dump station
  • 4-in-1 Elbow easily connects to the dump station's sewer inlet
    • Fits 3" diameter slip and 3", 3-1/2", and 4" diameter threaded sewer inlets
    • 90-Degree elbow keeps hose from sharply bending and wearing down
    • Clear plastic lets you see when tanks are empty
  • Thick, 18-mil vinyl construction is durable and resists UV damage
  • Bayonet fitting easily attaches to the standard 3" lug fitting on your RV's waste valve
    • Internal seals help prevent leaking
  • Swivel lug fitting rotates to eliminate twisting and keep hose laying flat
  • Hoses collapse for storage
  • Red color


These sewer hoses come with everything you need to empty your holding tanks at a dump station, particularly one that you're parked far away from. The 2 separate hoses let you adjust the length based on your setup. Use 1 hose when you're close to the dump station or connect both together for twice the length. Both durable hoses are made of 18-mil-thick vinyl, so they can handle bumps and scrapes. The 90-degree elbow adapter prevents the hose it's attached to from bending too sharply, and because it's clear, it lets you see when the tank is empty too. The elbow adapter also makes it easy to connect to the dump station with its 4-in-1 fit capability.


Two hoses are included - a standard 10' drain hose and a 10' extension hose - to give you up to 20' of length when connected together. A typical 20' hose can be bulky and difficult to stow in your RV. Even worse, waste can get trapped between the coils of longer hoses, causing nasty odors. With 2 hoses, you get the best of both worlds. Use the standard 10' drain hose to reach the sewer inlets at most campgrounds. Connect the included extension hose to get a full 20' of length to reach inlets that are further away. And when you're done dumping your tanks, you can separate the 2 hoses for easy storage in your RV.


The included 4-in-1 elbow makes connecting the hose to the dump station inlet fast and easy. The adapter is designed to fit 4 sizes of dump station inlets. It easily slides into 3" diameter slip inlets, and it can be screwed into a 3", 3-1/2", or 4" diameter threaded inlet.


Also, the 90-degree design ensures that there isn't a sharp bend in the hose when you connect it to the dump station inlet, which makes for a longer lasting hose. And the clear plastic construction of the elbow makes it easy to see when the water moving through your system runs clear, signaling that your tanks are empty.


To hook up the adapter, slide or screw the elbow into the dump station sewer inlet, then connect the lug fitting on the end of the hose to the bayonet fitting on the adapter. It's that easy.


The swiveling lug fittings on these hoses rotate independently. This means that, when you're screwing them onto your connection points, each hose will still lay flat. So when you're dumping your tanks, waste can easily flow to the sewer inlet. No twisting, no binding, no problem.



  • Hose diameter: 3"
  • Hose length (each):
    • Extended: 120"
    • Collapsed: 25"
  • 1-Year warranty



The Valterra EZ Coupler 20 Foot Bayonet RV Sewer Hose Kit includes two 10 foot RV sewer hoses with rotating bayonet fittings.

  • Drain Hoses
  • 20 Feet Long
  • 18 Mil - Thick
  • EZ Coupler


Prop. 65 Warning for California Residents

WARNING: This product may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

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