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The Water Pur Company CCI-10-CLW 10-inch RV Water Filter Canister

The Water Pur Company CCI-10-CLW 10-inch RV Water Filter Canister

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Product ID: FR-10-FR32
Bell# 10-PT-26 - Forest River FR32
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The Forest River FR32 - Water Pur Company CCI-10-CLW filter canister is a 10-inch clear water filter housing with black o-ring included.  It is the replacement for the original water filter canister used in Forest River RVs model year 2004 to present.  Use this water filter housing with a Water Pur Company CCI-10-Ca replacement filter, which is designed to fit the Water Pur Company CCI-10-CLW filter housing.  Shop HannaRV.com, your trailer supply superstore offering affordable, quality Forest River pop-up and travel trailer parts and also be sure to checkout our large inventory of Fresh Water Systems Parts and Accessories for all of our high quality RV Water Filters, RV Water Pumps, Fresh Water Hoses and more!

Save BIG when you purchase this Water Pur Company CCI-10-CLW 10-inch RV Water Filter Canister and Water Pur CCI-10-Ca 10-inch Water Filter Combo Pack.

HOW TO: Replace RV Water Filters Video


  • Max Working Pressure: 125 PSI
  • Max Working Temperature: 125 Degrees Farenheit
  • Do Not Allow This Unit To Freeze
  • Recommend Replacement Of Filter Cartridge Every 12 Months
  • Replacement Cartridge Model Number CCI-10-Ca

Additional Information:

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RV Water Filter FAQ

1. Why does my water look gray after I change my rv water filter?
This is a common occurrence after changing a carbon filter and is caused by fine carbon dust being flushed out of the cartridge. It will be gone after you run a few gallons of water through the unit.

2. When should I change my rv water filter?
There are two primary indicators that will alert you to replace a filter cartridge. The first indicator is a reduction in flow rate, which is caused by a filter getting plugged with sediment. The second indicator is a little less obvious and involves your taste-and-odor rv water filter. If you notice that the taste and/or odor of your water is not as clean as it used to be, it is very likely that your carbon rv water filter is losing its effectiveness and needs to be replaced. This assumes that you have a carbon filter. 

4. Why should I filter all the water going into my RV, including the water for the toilet?
Many plumbing fixtures, both in homes and RVs, have small orifices and moving parts that come in contact with the water. Sediment and sand can wreak havoc in these fixtures, and removing the sediment is often much cheaper than repairing a plugged or damaged fixture. RV parks can have a real load of sand and sediment in the water.

5. Why would I need a double-canister filter setup?
There are two primary tasks that you'll want your filtration system to perform: remove sediment and improve the taste and odor of the water. While it is possible to do both with one rv water filter, you'll get better performance if you utilize separate water filters for each of these tasks.

6. Do rv water filter canisters need to be upright to work properly?
No, they can be mounted in any position you want. However, cartridges containing granular carbon may have a problem if not upright. Granular carbon is subject to "channeling" in which the water forms small channels that enable it to bypass the carbon. This condition seems to occur more when these cartridges are not upright.

7. Why can't I have a clear canister as one of my two in a dual-canister rv water filter system?
You can, of course, and we sell them that way. However, if you are planning to set up your canisters outside your RV where a lot of light will be available, we don't recommend you use a clear canister. The reason for this is that the light will promote algae growth, which will prematurely plug up your filter. If you want to include a clear canister, you should place it somewhere that is protected from light such as a bay or under the sink.

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